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11-15 SEPTEMBER 2019


Feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Unsure about the direction of your life? Take some time to reflect on what's important to you away from the frenetic pace of day-to-day life with this yoga, hiking, and self development retreat in the French Alps.

Spanning five days and four nights at La Ferme Du Soleil, set in the magnificent French Alps, this is the perfect opportunity to get into the great outdoors and reconnect with your body and mind.
There will be two daily yoga practices (eight in total) lead by me as well as daily guided hikes lead by Dan and Xander (both expert hikers familiar with the local terrain). If you’ve not visited the French Alps in summer, you’re in for a wonderful surprise - the scenery and views are as equally spectacular as they are in winter. As the snow melts away, rolling green meadows are revealed, with a cornucopia of colourful alpine flowers and forests.

Two self-development workshops will focus on holistic stress coaching and finding your own personal balance and wellbeing. These workshops will encourage mental clarity, restore emotional kindness, and give you a set of tools to aid in managing stress and other challenging thoughts and emotions. Cleanse and rejuvenate the mind, as Lily helps you access your core priorities, let go of negative patterns, and open up to a happier and healthier you.

Daily brunches, dinners and afternoon tea will be provided with specially curated vegetarian and plant-based menus from the chalet's expert team.

We will have plenty of opportunities to relax in the surrounding gardens enjoying the refreshing, pure mountain air, and while warm weather isn't guaranteed, there is usually wonderful sunshine. There's also an on-site sauna as well as massages available on request. 

There will also be some little surprises along the way, and of course fun filled goodie bags for you to take home.
Expect to leave feeling nourished, restored, and invigorated. 





Lily Silverton is a wellbeing journalist & 400hr Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher with over 20 years of yoga and meditation experience. An Advanced Yin Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, Lily strives to bring her personal experience of the transformative and healing effects of yoga and meditation to others. She teaches body positive yoga that places function over aesthetics, and holds a core belief that yoga is for everyone. She is committed to bringing the practice to communities across London, and works with charities including The Refugee Council and Crisis.

She strives to create a safe and inviting space in which students are empowered to discover their own practice, and encourages the experience of yoga to be a complete holistic system of mindfulness, both on and off the mat. A writer and journalist, she frequently writes and comments on yoga, body image, and wellness, and has featured in Women's Health, Vogue, The Guardian, and Dazed Beauty. Lily is also Head of Yoga & Wellbeing at Raw Press, and works as a Holistic Stress Management Life Coach.

Lily's  meditative and inclusive classes integrate techniques from Hatha, Yin, Yoga Therapy, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, and Chakra yoga, along with her own former dance training and spiritual traditions from East & West. 

She encourages students to find their own flow and alignment, return to the breath, join mind with movement, be kind to their bodies, and have fun!